Top 10 Crypto Exchange Apps in India

In today’s era, there will be very few people who do not know about cryptocurrency, in today’s digital era, any currency has become digital, which is known as cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency exchange platforms have been created to buy and sell cryptocurrency, so that we can buy and sell any cryptocurrency like Coinswitch, Coindcx, and Binance. Cryptocurrencies are the future because all transactions of cryptocurrency will be digitally secure, so cryptocurrency is a great opportunity. Cryptocurrency is the coming future, this will make transactions much easier and simpler, so cryptocurrency platforms have been created from which you can buy and sell any cryptocurrency.

1) Wazirx – Buy Bitcoin & Crypto

wazirX This is the most widely used cryptocurrency exchange in India. Wazirx has over 10 million downloads on the Play Store. There are more than 1 crore active users of Wazirx who invest money in Cryptocurrency from Wazirx. Wazirx is an Indian cryptocurrency exchange platform founded by Nischal Shetty in 2018. This company was bought by a big company like Binance in the year 2019. More than 10 million people used the Wazirx Platform in March 2022.

2) Coindcx – Bitcoin Investment App

Coindcx is a recent cryptocurrency exchange app. Coindcx has made cryptocurrency exchange very easy. With Coindcx, you can easily buy many currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin. coindcx was founded in the year 2018. Coindcx This company helps to make crypto trading easy to transact. Coindcx has more than 10 million downloads on the Play Store, more than 10 million people invest in coindcx. coindcx It is liked by people as the safest cryptocurrency exchange and its interface is also quite simple so that it can be easily understood by any person. Coindcx is created by Neeraj Khandelwal and Sumit Gupta and is headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

3) Binance – Buy Btc & 600+ Crypto

Binance is a crypto exchange platform with the help of which you can invest in more than 600 cryptocurrencies. Binance was founded in 2017 by Changpeng Zhao, the founder, and CEO of Binance, and is headquartered in the Canymen Islands. Binance It is known as the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange.

4) Coinbase – Buy Bitcoin & Ether

Coinbase It is quite popular in India and coinbase it is a us-based company. Which makes it easy to invest your money in different Cryptocurrencies. coinbase Supported Cryptocurrencies :
Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), Ethereum Classic (ETC), Litecoin (LTC), Dogecoin (DOGE), Shiba Inu (SHIB), Cardano (ADA), Solana (SOL), Tether ( USDT), USD Coin (USDC)*, you can invest in these cryptos

coinbase It is the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange platform with 90 million users available in more than 100 countries all over the world It makes it easy to buy any cryptocurrency With coinbase you can buy and sell cryptocurrency in many ways Is coinbase you bitcoin cash, Ethereum Classic and many such cryptocurrencies you will find here coinbase platform is very good and user-friendly so that any person can use it easily.

5) Coinswitch

– Bitcoin Crypto App Coinswitch is also known as coinswitch kuber, it is very trending in the Indian market and you can easily buy and sell bitcoins with coinswitch, to create an account, you just have to enter your mobile number and complete the KYC process. And in this app yours to keep the account secure, you also have the facility to enter a 4 digit PIN, which keeps your account secure. In the first 100 days of this app, it had more than one lakh users, now this app has more than 10 million downloads on the play store, which means more than 10 million people use it, the interface of Coinswitch is very easy and simple so that no one Also it can understand neft bank transfer in coinswitch crypto app you can deposit and withdraw money through UPI. Coinswitch is available on both Android and iOS, so you can easily download it and start your investing journey. You can start investing in coinswitch with 100rs. Coinswitch was started in 2017 by Ashish Singhal, Govind Soni, and Vimal Sagar and today coinswitch is the largest company in India with 15 million users

6) Bitbns

bitbns is also a very good cryptocurrency exchange app. You can download this app on your android phone or ios also. There are more than 100 cryptocurrencies in bitbns in which you can invest your money, in bitbns you can easily do many cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ethereum, and litecoin. bitbns it is in partnership with OKEx company bitbns. in bitbns you can use UPI Bank Transfer or you can use methods like IMPS to collect payments. bitbns It gives an opportunity to trade in a very fast and simple way. bitbns It works on peer to peer. The founder and CEO of Bitbns is Gaurav Dahake. The headquarter of bitbns is located in Karnataka.

7) Unocoin

unicorn it is very popular because its interface is liked by many people it is very simple for cryptocurrency in this app you have to enter your mobile number to sign in and verify your account then when your account verify If done, then you have to complete the KYC process. when your KYC process is completed then you can start investing in it. On selling the assets of unocoin, you are charged a charge of 0.07 percent, this rate is used for at least 60 days, after that the company gives you a charge of 0.05.
On this app, you can deposit at least ₹ 1000, and people who have UPI NEFT RTGS IMPS can also deposit money in unicorn. To keep your account safe, you are also given the facility to enter fingerprint and pin so that No one else can access your account except you and you wish to you can connect it with a Biometric ID so that your account will be very secure.

8) ZebPay App

zebpay is one of the oldest and most popular crypto exchange apps. Zab Pay is founded in 2014 by Sandeep Goenka, Saurabh Agrawal, and Mahin Gupta. zebpay It provides a very easy way to invest and trade in crypto and this app is available in 163 countries so that people from all over the world can be trending in it. More recently, it has more than 3 million traders from all over the world. zebpay This is a very secure app and its user interface is also very clean and simple. You can download this app from the play store or apple store.

9) Kraken App India

Kraken This is a cryptocurrency exchange platform, with the help of which you can invest in crypto from your smartphone or laptop. Kraken was launched in India in the year 2018 and to date, this app is being used by many people because its user interface is also very good. It is good and it is good when it comes to security is quite secure because in this you have also been provided with your biometric security and if you want, you can also download its pro version, in which you get advanced features.

10) CoinSpot App

coin spot This is also a very good cryptocurrency exchange app. Coinspot This is an Australian Crypto Exchange that provides users with a fast and simple interface, which is liked by many people. Coinspot is a worldwide crypto exchange app and the security of this app is also very strong. Coinspot App Founded in Australia in the year 2013, Coinspot gives you the opportunity to invest in more than 300 cryptocurrencies, including cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin.

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