Kadak Nath Murga Chicken Benefits | Kadaknath Hen Egg & Price

What is Kadaknath Murga?

Kadaknath is a special type of rooster, which is found only in India and its demand has increased very fast in the last few years. Kadaknath, also known as Kali Masi, (having black flesh) is an Indian breed of chicken. This cock is found in Dhar and Jhabua, the district of Madhya Pradesh. However, now this breed of Kadaknath chicken has started being found in many states like Chhattisgarh, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, and Maharashtra. A rare species of Kadaknath chicken is black in color. Its flesh, blood, bones are all black. There are three varieties of it: Jet Black, Golden, and Pencil. These are mostly raised by the rural poor and tribals. Kadaknath is popular for its adaptability and its brownish-black flesh, immunity, delicious meat quality, texture, and taste. which is believed to provide power. Its color is due to melanin. The recipe of this chicken is now being served in many five-star hotels of the country as well. Let’s know more information about Kadaknath murga.

Why is Kadaknath Chicken So Expensive?

Kadaknath chicken has high protein and low-fat content, which is known for its nutritional value. Kadaknath Chicken is expensive due to its black color and black meat. The high cost is due to the long time taken to raise the chicken. While a broiler grows up to 2.5 kg in 45 days, a black broiler takes six months to gain 1.5 kg. In addition, the egg reproduction rate is very low. Another reason that this breed is so expensive is that people believe that this breed has medicinal healing properties. That’s why the cost of Kadaknath is much higher than the normal chicken. Its price in the market ranges from Rs 900 to Rs 1500 per kg.

Is Kadaknath Chicken Good for Health?

Yes, According to research, cholesterol is reduced by 0.73 to 1.37% in Kadaknath while it is 13 to 25% in broiler chicken. Kadaknath chicken is rich in amino acids. The minerals in Kadaknath chicken are niacin, protein, fat, calcium, phosphorus, iron, nicotinic acid, etc. And there are vitamins such as B1, B2, B6, B12, C, and E. All this is necessary for good health.

Kadaknath Chicken Benefits.

• One of the health benefits provided by black chicken is its antioxidant properties. This reduces the risk of diseases such as cancer.
• Its meat is also beneficial for diabetes and heart patients.
• Kadaknath meat contains 25-27% protein while another chicken has only 16-17% protein. Kadaknath has about 1% fat while another chicken has 4-5% fat.
• It promotes the functions of the body. Protecting eyesight is one of them.
• Black chicken is an excellent source of protein. Protein plays an important role in the building of body tissues, as well.
• The black chicken has a lower cholesterol level than the white chicken. This is great because you can consume meat without worrying about cholesterol-rich foods.
• It has a good amount of Vitamin B. It also contains Vitamins B1, B2, B6, and B12. Vitamins play an important role in promoting body metabolism.
• Calcium is present in it. Calcium is one of the minerals that is required for the building of strong bones.
• Among the health benefits of black chicken is its phosphorus content, which is an abundant mineral in the body.
• It contains essential amino acids. Amino acids are known as muscle supplements. In this case, it definitely promotes muscle building. In addition, it regulates blood vessel flexibility.
• Because it contains protein nutrients. This nutrient can be beneficial for increasing energy levels in the body.
• Black chicken contains iron and other types of minerals, so it is helpful in promoting heart health.
• Women’s health can be improved by eating Kadaknath chicken. It helps in promoting regular menstruation as well as fertility.
• It has been known that it acts as an aphrodisiac.
• The next health benefit provided by black chicken is its ability to treat headaches. This one is associated with its egg benefits. Then regular consumption of black chicken eggs can reduce dizziness.
• Not only for the treatment of headaches, black chicken eggs can also be beneficial for the treatment of asthma.
• Due to the amount of iron in it, the color of its blood is also black. Consumption of Kadaknath chicken also helps in increasing red blood cells and hemoglobin.

Is Kadaknath Chicken Delicious?

Kadaknath chicken, in addition to being very healthy, especially in winters, has the meat of a mature chicken. it’s very tender, and its flavor and texture are much subtler than white chicken. Kadaknath Chicken and its gravy have a nice and lasting taste as compared to regular chicken. The taste of this chicken is extremely hot.

Is Kadaknath Egg Good for health?

Kadaknath eggs are naturally an excellent source of protein and nutrients which make great for weight loss. Also, these eggs are a simple cure for severe headaches, asthma, nephritis, and boost immunity. The meat and eggs of this black chicken are a good source of curing tuberculosis. The protein content of Kadaknath is more than 25%, while in a normal bird it is between 18 to 20%.

Other information About Kadaknath Eggs

• Kadaknath mainly produces an average of 80 eggs per year. The average weight of an egg of Kadaknath is 46.8 grams.
• Kadaknath Chicken Egg products on Indiamart range between Rs.15 to Rs.50 per piece and 38% of those products are between Rs.37 to Rs.50.
• Eggs of Kadaknath hens’ are brown in color with a slight pinkish tinge or cream.

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