how to soundproof my garage?

If you want that the sound of a motor vehicle coming out of your garage not disturb your neighbors, then you have to get your garage soundproofed.

In short, we will try to understand how wavelength works because this is the factor we are trying to solve. If sound strikes a surface, it is either transmitted or absorbed.

if the mass on a surface is high, it absorbs the sound completely or partially, if the mass is less, then echo or Reflection is born.

Mass is a complex thing to get into, but at the simplest level, the heavier and dense a material is, the more mass it will have. i.e concrete has more mass than wood.

This means that you will need to make efforts to keep the noise inside your garage by using materials on the walls that will absorb it. Let’s see what you have to do for this-

Use curtains made of soundproofing material

If you have a steel main door to your garage, your problem may be a bit more complicated because steel is not known for stopping the likes, but it does act as an ideal reflector, yes wood doors do to some extent.

You can block the sound but these are also of no use, so if possible, get a curtain grill fitted on the upper part of the door with the help of bolt hooks, after that hang curtains made of mass-loaded vinyl on it.

Use insulated doors

Airborne sound can only be blocked by mass, we should use as many mass objects as possible to effectively block the sound.

Mass is a complex thing to get into, but at the simplest level, the heavier and dense a material is, the more mass it will have. i.e concrete has more mass than wood.

Although the cost of insulated doors has skyrocketed these days, it can be a good investment if you want to provide comfortable temperatures to your garage along with soundproofing.

soundproofing walls

Garage walls are often made of bricks and concrete, which are completely anti-soundproofing, so it is necessary to make absorbent walls. building a timber frame 10mm in front of the existing wall, and isolating the frame from the surrounding surfaces using an isolation strip is a good idea.

On Stud Walls remove the plasterboard layer of the wall to expose the timber frame inside. fill the frame with acoustic mineral wool, and add ReductoClips to the frame.

It is a matter of relief that it is relatively easy to install soundproof material on the walls, support is available to paste it.

floors and ceiling

soundproofing a ceiling will dramatically reduce the noise from noisy neighbors. using different types and thicknesses of high-impact absorption (foam/rubber), helps to reduce different levels of impact noise.

Can you completely soundproof a garage?

No soundproofing will offer a 100% reduction. However, Soundproofing is like waterproofing – To contain the sound within the garage, you will need to soundproof all the walls, ceiling, and floor.

All weaknesses such as windows, doors, and air vents need to be considered, and any air gaps need to be sealed, as sound will always find the weak point and still get through.

What is the cheapest way to soundproof a room?

Bookshelves and furniture such as wall dividers, Wooden shutters, Sound dampening curtains, Soft furnishings, Rugs and carpets, Wallcoverings, and thick blankets, are some of the cheap methods to soundproof a room.

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