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Mudrex Gift Voucher – Welcome Bonus Free $10 USDT

Mudrex is an automated crypto trading platform. The best part – all products offered by Mudrex for investors are fully automated. This means you can live your life while we grow your wealth for you!
Crypto investments can be confusing and are full of unknowns. Mudrex simplifies this by offering products crafted by successful traders and experts to help you start.

Join –

Mudrex giving $10 Sign-up Bonus Instantly.
Join with the link in the description &

Use Promo Code – K6A99LI0 while signing up.

once you sign up on the next screen you will get the claim gift voucher page. just click on the claim voucher and you will see your wallet is filled with any amount up to a $10 reward. you can use it to buy any cryptos over mudrex platform. Mudrex rewards will remain locked till future announcements, but still, you can still withdraw profits gained from those rewards.

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How To Redeem A Mudrex Promo Code?

With the new promo code features of Mudrex, investors can now get rewards up to $10, so if you get one, here’s how to use it.

Step 1:

During the Sign-Up process, you will be asked to enter your Username and Password to create an account.

Simply enter that or sign up with Google login for faster and safer signup


Step 2:

on the next screen, you will be asked to verify your mobile number. just enter your mobile number and verify with top


Step 3:
Now paste your code in the “add gift voucher” box and click on “claim voucher“.

A reward of $10 will be credited to your Mudrex account!

NOTE: If you forget to apply your promo code while signing up, simply go to your Profile and click on “gift voucher“. and apply your coupon code K6A99LI0 there.

Rewards are a gift from Mudrex. You can use this amount to invest in crypto or algos or coin sets. Any profits you make over the reward amount are yours ( if you got a $15 reward and you invest it. After a few days if they reached $17 then $2 is your profit and it can be withdrawn from the account at any time.) Any losses you make are ours.

The reward amount you won itself is not withdrawable today, but we are working on making this happen!”

Earn passive income on your funds.

Smart Crypto Investing for Everyone. Get 14% interest like bank FDS on all your deposited funds. No minimum balance, and no lock-in period. Instant deposit and withdrawal. 100% secure deposits. Zero conditions to make your investments flexible.

What are Mudrex Coin sets?

Coin Sets are baskets of cryptocurrencies actively managed by experts. They help you diversify your investments across mixed coins and minimize your risk. Invest in ideas you believe in and grow your wealth in the long run!

You can invest as minimum as $10. you can invest in coin sets that give good returns over the period of the year. like 500% returns and more.

What are Mudrex Algos?

Mudrex provides you a top algos created by the best traders on Mudrex. These algos are completely automated and built to work over market cycles. They are built to minimize risk and hence provide steady consistent returns on your investment. it’s perfect for a high-yield passive income portfolio. Diversifying across 3-5 algos over a period of 6-9 months should give you a steady 7% monthly average return.

What are Mudrex Mints?

Mudrex Mints are created by analyzing over 10 billion combinations of strategies made by professional traders around the world. They are managed by our in-house quant team to ensure the maximum possible returns while also optimizing for risk. You can get started for as low as 150 USDT. you can earn up to 100% profit over a period of time by investing in low, medium & high-risk mints created by mudrex expert traders.

What’s more, is Mudrex Giving to its investors?

Up to $1000 REWARDS for everyone!
Guaranteed rewards for everyone for a limited time. Invest now and win up to $1000 in free crypto. Limited time, invest now!

How it works
1. Invest a minimum of $20 in Coin Sets.
2. Claim Rewards up to $100.

Rewards Up to Min Investment
$100 $20
$500 $500
$1000 $1000

Terms and conditions:

  • Offer valid only for users who invest in Coin Sets using Mudrex Wallet.
  • Rewards will lapse if the invested amount is withdrawn within 30 days.
  • Earned rewards cannot be withdrawn; the user can invest the reward amount and the profits generated can be withdrawn.

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