moving blankets for soundproofing?

when it comes to moving blankets they can work similarly to acoustic panels,, in that they can help control the sound of a room. they dont 100% of the sound, so they do not soundproof a room but they can help acooustically treat the room.

Will moving blankets block sound?

moving blankets are crafted with different craft materials such as woven cotton, polyester, fiberglass and mineral wool.

the makeup of the blankets help prevent air and more importantly sound from passing through them.

this means sound will be partially absorbed into the blankets and the sound will not as easily reflect back your microphone/recording devices.

unlike accoustic foam panels or sound blankets moving blankets lack an STC or  sound transmission class rating.

moving blankets also dont any sort of diffusion which can help spread out sound of the room, to make the room sound larger.

diffusion gives the room a sense of size. however to just cancel some unwanted echo or sound reflection these moving blankets are PERFECT.

Any soundproof blanket will require a significant weight or density because the soundproofing effectiveness is directly proportional to the weight of the blanket.

For example, if you can barely lift the fabric, the blanket will probably do an effective job soundproofing a door or window.

moving blankets are used in film sets or even broadway studio recordings. thats because they are versatile, can be used in a multtude of different ways and  are really cost effective.

moving blankets come in many sizes, weights and colors. i recommend a havier blanket to absorb more sounds.

Since every space is different find the size that fits in your room in particular.

How do you hang moving blankets for soundproofing?

the first way to use this moving blankets is by getting a grommets and using command hooks to hook the blanket to the wall.

grommets are kind of metal rings that you can use to hook the blanket to the wall.

I recommend five pound command hooks this is’nt something you can do as easily with acoustic foam panels.

how to use moving blankets

the second way you can use thihs blankes are by using spring clamps to clamp the blanket to some ligh stands. then weigh down the stands with sandbags to suppport the the wweight of  the blanket.

you can use this blanket for not only sound treatment but also a fill for your light to bounce back on your face. the blanket will improve both audio and video quality.

who can use this sound blankets?

Those who have put their property on rent or the owners of such houses who have to face traffic noise on a daily basis can use sound proof blankets.

It can be used inside the house, as noise can be reduced inside the house by stopping a lot of sounds coming from one room to another. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money although it is a temporary solution.

Are Moving Blankets safe?

Moving Blankets are safe to sleep on and are commonly used inside vehicles.  while not in use it can be used in an emergency blanket that also serves as a warm blanket to sleep with or just to keep you warm during the cold winter months.

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