381 Meaning | Meaning of 381 or 831

381 is a three-letter phrase used to show love and affection. Know what it means now?

381 means “I Love You (3 words, 8 letters & 1 meaning)“. So now you know – 381 is an acronym for the phrase which says ‘I Love You’. it was all in good fun! What does this slang mean? It can be explained that in I Love You phrase there are 3 words, the total letters are 8 and the whole phrase have a 1 meaning.

Many peoples use this numbering language while text messaging. and it’s a funny way of questioning someone to get an answer from them like we ask a riddle. I Love You is also another meaning in number that I heard is 143 ( I Love You = 1 Letter + 4 Letter + 3 Letter )

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