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Vet technician salary | Vet tech salary California | Veterinarian salary California 2021

We all know that a veterinarian is a medical professional who treats animals. But a lot of people may not know about veterinary technicians. They help the veterinarian in diagnosing the illness and injuries of animals. Their job includes:

  • Taking care of the animal who is recovering or injured
  • Assisting the veterinarians while they are performing their duties
  • Making the animals bath or brushing their hair
  • Controlling the animals during their medical examination
  • Conducting lab tests or x-rays of animals
  • Administering vaccines to the animals
  • Preparing the animals for any surgery

All these tasks are performed by the veterinary technicians under the supervision of veterinarians. Veterinary technicians have to undergo specific training and they are issued a license. Veterinary technicians are different from veterinary assistants. Veterinary assistants are not allowed to give medicines to the animals or perform any tests on the animals.

What is required to become a veterinary technician?

If you are someone who loves animals and wants to become a veterinary technician, then you would require the following:

  • Education– For becoming a veterinary technician, you do not require a bachelor’s degree but you will definitely require a degree which is from a two-year veterinary technology program.
  • Certification– The requirements of certification for becoming a veterinary technician vary from one state to another. There is a Veterinary Technician National Examination which is required to become a veterinary technician.
  • Experience and Training– A formal training is required which should include working in the laboratory with live animals. The students who are interested in becoming veterinary technicians should go for science in their high school. To gain more experience, one can go to a veterinarian’s office or even an animal shelter and volunteer.

With all the above requirements to become a veterinary technician, there are few skills also required.

  • Good communication– A veterinary technician should be able to communicate with the clients and convey instructions to them.
  • Active listening– They need to work under the supervision of the veterinarians so they should be able to follow their instructions.
  • Teamwork– Veterinarians, veterinary technicians, and veterinary assistants need to work as a team so they should know teamwork.
  • Organizing skills– They need to maintain a record for lab tests of animals or medications so they should have good organizational skills.

How much do veterinary technicians earn?

Now the main question, if you want to become a veterinary technician, will be how much money do they make? If you live in California and are thinking of becoming a veterinary technician, then you should know that the average salary for a veterinary technician would be around $40,020 per year. Their salary is on a per hour basis and it differs from the level of seniority.

If you have just started, then your salary should be around $12.81 per hour and it will keep increasing with your years of experience. So, if you are in California and interested in this career option then you should definitely go for it. If you love animals, then there is nothing better.

How Much Does a Vet Tech Make?

According to

The average base salary for a vet technician in California is in the range of $26,640 and goes up to $61,080 & it’s increasing day by day.

Veterinary technologist salary by state ( United States )

State Name Average Salary
Alaska $39,270
Alabama $29,550
Arkansas $28,550
Arizona $28,194
California $40,020
Colorado $36,060
Connecticut $39,960
District of Columbia $36,220
Delaware $34,040
Florida $33,280
Georgia $31,420
Hawaii $33,673
Iowa $32,932
Idaho $31,660
Illinois $30,669
Indiana $29,762
Kansas $33,920
Kentucky $31,857
Louisiana $26,410
Massachusetts $40,150
Maryland $35,290
Maine $36,390
Michigan $36,250
Minnesota $37,070
Missouri $29,650
Mississippi $32,660
Montana $30,270
North Carolina $32,600
North Dakota $33,190
Nebraska $33,140
New Hampshire $34,930
New Jersey $37,140
New Mexico $33,640
Nevada $45,000
New York $43,190
Ohio $32,050
Oklahoma $27,510
Oregon $35,710
Pennsylvania $30,342
Puerto Rico $27,930
Rhode Island $35,340
South Carolina $31,420
South Dakota $33,970
Tennessee $30,610
Texas $30,030
Utah $29,780
Virginia $37,830
Vermont $34,390
Washington $37,440
Wisconsin $33,770
West Virginia $29,220
Wyoming $31,160

Career Scope as a Veterinary Doctor

The field of Veterinary Science is a profession related to the health sector. Therefore, there is no confusion of any kind regarding the career in this field. If you do not get a government job in this field, then you can start your own animal hospital. At present, there are job opportunities in both the private and government sectors as veterinarians.

At present, there have been many veterinary doctors in today’s time, but still, their number is much less than the requirement. So if you do Veterinary Course then you can get job easily.

Apart from government and private veterinary hospitals, one can also do jobs in the animal research sector, pharmaceutical companies, dairy farms. Apart from this, a veterinarian is needed to treat and protect other animals and wildlife, to protect them from infection. In this way, there is no dearth of employment opportunities in this field.

What is the Difference between vet technologist vs technician?

Both technicians and veterinarian technologists can earn 2 or 4-year degrees in veterinary tech. Technologists and technicians share many of the same responsibilities. However, technologists typically hold four-year bachelor’s degrees, while technicians have a two-year associate degree.

Veterinarian technologists and technicians assist veterinarians in diagnosing animal injuries or illnesses.

Both of them have many common responsibilities and roles.

  • Care for injured or recovering animals
  • Bathing animals, clipping nails/claws or brushing their hair
  • During exams, animals should not be restrained
  • Perform other laboratory tests and take x-rays
  • Recording and collecting case histories of animals

What do veterinary technicians do?

A veterinary doctor has to take complete care of animals and birds. Veterinarians vaccinate animals to protect them from disease and infection. Performing surgery on animals and treating their diseases, giving medicine. This work has to be done by the vet.

What do veterinary technologists do?

The more advanced jobs of veterinary technologists are those that require advanced research skills. They have the following responsibilities:

  • Administration of medications
  • Preparing tissue samples to be examined
  • Recording the animal’s history, weight, diet.

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