Red Bull Energy Drink Can Price in India | 250 ml & 350 ml Price

Red Bull Price: This article will help you to know red bull 1 can price in India. you will also get redbull single and bulk packages at a discounted price with our Offer section at the End of this Post. Red bull is a unique energy drink that will give you a boost of energy when needed. The world’s most famous energy drink contains caffeine and sugar. The most popular energy drink in the world is Red Bull. It’s sold in more than 171 countries and has over 5 billion cans consumed every year with sales exceeding $4 billion annually. What is it? And why do people love it so much? Let’s find out!

Red Bull Price in India

What is the Price of Red Bull in India?

if you are searching for a red bull price in India then you are on the correct page. many peoples are aware of red bull drink due to its energy power & they are keen to know what will be the price of red bull can or tin?

There are 2 pack sizes of red bull drinks currently available in India & they are 250 ml & 350 ml. many peoples also search for Red Bull 100 ml & 150ml pack price, but I will tell you that these packs are not produced by the company in india.

Red Bull All Pack Price in India

Pack SizeMRP.
Red Bull 250 MLRs.115
Red Bull 350 MLRs.145
Red Bull 4×250 MLRs.440
Red Bull 4×350 MLRs.580
Red Bull 24×250 MLRs.2760
Red Bull 24×350 MLRs.3480

So you must have come to know what is the red bull energy drink price in the above chart.

if you are searching the red bull 150ml price then I will say no products of 150 ml are still launched by the company.

Red Bull Price:

Red Bull 250ml Price is Rs.115 per Can & Red Bull 350ml Price is Rs.145 per piece.

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There are 24 pieces are available in one carton & if you want to know the red bull carton price in India then you can check out this wholesale market website here –

red bull 4 pack price in India – Kindly refer pricing table above.

red bull 24 pack price in India – Kindly refer pricing table above.

red bull summer edition price

yellow red bull price – red bull yellow edition price in India

Red Bull Price Chart Citywise

Red Bull Price in DelhiSee the above table
Red Bull Price in MumbaiSee the above table
Red Bull Price in KolkataSee the above table
Red Bull Price in HyderabadSee the above table
Red Bull Price in PuneSee the above table
Red Bull Price in BangaloreSee the above table
Red Bull Price in HaryanaSee the above table
Red Bull Price in DelhiSee the above table
Red Bull Price in AssamSee the above table
Red Bull Price in OdishaSee the above table
Red Bull Price in GoaSee the above table

Below are Red Bull Price Comparision on Amazon, Flipkart & Bigbasket

Pack Size ( Normal )Amazon PriceFlipkart PriceBigbasket Price
Red Bull 250 MLRs.79+70Rs.106
Red Bull 350 MLRs.145+65Rs.145
Red Bull 4×250 MLRs.430Rs.420
Red Bull 4×350 MLRs.550Rs.493
Red Bull 24×250 MLRs.2484Rs.2484
Red Bull 24×350 MLRs.3132Rs.3132

Founder of Red Bull? When was Red Bull invented?

Red Bull gives you wings. Red Bull is an energy drink that contains caffeine and taurine. It was founded in Austria by Dietrich Mateschitz and Chaleo Yoovidhya and launched in Thailand in 1984, with its name inspired by the red bullfighter seen on a famous statue near St. Stephan’s Cathedral in Vienna, which symbolizes strength and power. Since then it has spread across the world with different names such as “Red Bul”, “Cannot believe it” or “Blue”.

Red Bull is an energy drink sold by the Austrian company Red Bull GmbH, launched in 1987. It is available in many flavors (including Topical, peach, acai berry, sugar-free, and containing only taurine), and packaging variants (4 packs & 24 packs).

The active substance of Red Bull is caffeine mixed with taurine. The product also contains B vitamins (niacinamide or niacin, pantothenic acid or vitamin B5, pyridoxine hydrochloride)

Do you need a boost?

Red bull is the perfect drink for when you’re feeling tired or sluggish. It gives you wings, so to speak! Red Bull has been helping people stay awake and get more done since 1987. They have over 6 billion cans of energy drink sold in over 167 countries around the world. Their secret formula contains caffeine, taurine, B-vitamins, and sugar – all ingredients that work together to help give your body the extra kick it needs. You can buy Redbull at convenience stores everywhere from Mumbai to Delhi!

If you want an energy boost without having to resort to coffee or soda, then try out red bull today! With just one 250 ml can of our delicious beverage, we promise that you will feel recharged and ready for anything life throws at you. Whether it’s studying for exams or working on a big project with friends after school; there isn’t much better than red bull when it comes down to getting things done quickly and efficiently while still maintaining focus throughout the day. we are giving you some offers to buy the red bull at the cheapest price! So what are you waiting for? Get some wings today by clicking here now!

How much does a Red Bull cost?

Red Bull 250ml MRP price is Rs.115 per Can & red bull 350ml price is Rs.145 per Can.

Is Red Bull alcohol?

Red Bull does not contain alcohol, but it contains a stimulant in the form of caffeine that gives you an instant burst of energy.

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